Christian counseling | life issues

Counseling Services

King of Hearts’ (KOH) mission is ‘Holy’stic Health, addressing the emotional, physical, mental, social and SPIRITUAL elements of living. With this focus, we counsel (disciple, mentor, coach, teach) in the following areas:

• co-dependency

• child/adolescent behavioral problems

• communication skills

• assertiveness training

• problem solving

• depression and related matter

• substance abuse

• depression/bi-polar

• tobacco addiction

• drug and alcohol problems

• eating disorders

• obsessive thoughts

• sex/love/relationship addiction

• same sex attraction

• wives of sex addicts

• sexual purity for men

• marital concerns

• extra-marital affairs

• pornography

• parenting skills

• parent of addict

• stress• anxiety• fears• grief

• hopelessness

• anger / anger managment

• lack of forgiveness

• difficulty making friends

• loneliness

• aggressive behavior

• divorce recovery

• gambling

• overspending

• budgeting issues


We offer individual, couple, family and group counseling via phone and face-to-face.  Like the countless benefits of a consistent physical fitness routine, so too is an uniformed mental regimen.